Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mindfulness businesses

  • Mindfulness In The Corporate World: How Businesses Are Incorporating The ...

    And it's not just businesses that are utilizing the practice -- business schools are also teaching students about mindfulness, the Wall Street Journal reported, including Claremont Graduate University and Harvard Business School. The Journal explains ...

  • Be more mindful for a better workplace

    Can you be a success in the world of business and still be mindful? What exactly does it mean to be "mindful" anyway? According to Mirabai Bush, one of the creators of a mindfulness course developed for Google employees called "Search Inside Yourself," ...

  • The mind business

    With meditation, yoga and "mindfulness", the foundational tenets of Buddhism, Hinduism and other pan-Asian philosophies have infiltrated the upper echelons of some of the biggest companies on earth. William George, a current Goldman Sachs board ...

  • Missing from the unemployment debate: Mindfulness

    It's no longer secret that there are physiological brain triggers and innovative functions that affect our ability to do great work.


    Would you like to learn tools used by top companies like Google and Intel to help you improve performance and productivity at school and at work that also increase levels of happiness and well-being?

  • Mindful Monday will help Liverpool business people beat the stress

    He added: "Mindfulness attention training is one of the most powerful, clinically proven antidotes stress and anxiety and has been adopted by individuals and companies all over the world as a way of improving overall performance and reducing burnout." ...

  • 6 Steps To A More Mindful Company Culture

    "Mindful" is not a word typically associated with business--but it should be. A mindful corporate culture will value substance over style, and stress single-minded focus over multi-tasking.

  • Mindfulness in first-time mothers lead to healthier babies

    When compared with two other groups of first-time pregnant mothers who did not have the mindfulness training, these women reported more healthful and positive feelings and less emotional distress.

  • Kimberly LaRue's talk to kick off stress-reduction class at Four Arts

    Companies such as Google, Target, Comcast and New Balance have offered employees mindfulness training to reduce stress and improve performance.

  • On Our Radar: Mindfulness and the Morning Commute

    Rachel Emma Silverman. And finally… Following this week's rankings of the worst companies to work for (according to the website 24/7 Wall Street), Bloomberg Businessweek asks why workers give employers low marks.

  • Doing Yoga While Pregnant Can Make Happier Moms

    "Our work provides promising first evidence that mindfulness yoga may be an effective alternative to pharmaceutical treatment for pregnant women showing signs of depression," lead author Dr.

  • Burnout Threatens More and More Businesses - Global Players Take Action

    Global players such as Google, Apple, Intel and Facebook have already identified this as a potentially dangerous cost to their companies and have implemented Mindfulness-Based Interventions (MBI) in their day-to-day business life. According to the WHO, ...

  • Is the Web Driving Us Crazy? A Mindful Response

    As you practice and repeat something, it becomes a habit, and whether the kick starter was a need to use the internet for business or social reason, the devices we have today are pretty good and getting us to use them over and over again. What do you ...

  • CBJ: Daybook 8/20

    Free facilitator training and discussions on developing and implementing a business shelter-in-place program. 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

  • How to Support Pagan Community (and Infrastructure)

    some of which will hit you up for cash, others of which only take some time and mindfulness." Among her suggestions, Elysia lists supporting ... Participants include local policemen, lawyers, and business owners." Infrastructure, physical spaces ...

  • On Our Radar: Could You Share a Screen?

    Take a deep breath: Companies including General Mills and Target are embracing eastern spirituality; offering their employees the chance to practice yoga, meditation and mindfulness, reports David Gelles for the Financial Times. - Francesca Donner ...

  • On the fast-track to burnout? 10 tips to get a life

    James also believes strongly in the benefits of meditation, but notes it doesn't necessarily have to be strange or spiritual - rather it can be a chance for small business owners to practise mindfulness. Read our previous motivational stories. Stop ...

  • Cars? Not For Us: The Cheapest Generation Explains 'the Freedom of Not Owning'

    Is it just the terrible economy, or are we seeing the beginning of a more fundamental shift toward public transit, car-sharing, and denser living, with longer-lasting consequences for businesses and families? .... Ideas stemming from New Urbanism are a ...

  • Nashville Religion Calendar

    We will be creating a trusting space of experimentation on this path toward mindfulness. This class is ... The focus of our meeting at 6:45 each week is to teach and equip these leaders to operate and lead their respective companies on these biblical ...

  • Am I Missing Out?

    And a study at Chicago University's Booth Business School actually indicated that it's harder to resist tweeting or emailing than it is to resist drugs or alcohol.

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